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5 Things I Consumed Last Week (Issue - 01)

A weekly outpour of 5 of the things I consume every week. A coalescence of art, podcasts, articles, essays, newsletters, movies, web series and any other form of media you can imagine.

Hola curious fellas! In this information era what we digest is what we reflect. Here's a flux of information you might find interesting.

1. Is Substack The Media Future We Want by The New Yorker (Article)

I have lately been smitten by Newsletters but I did not know enough about how sustainable this ingredient is in the recipe of the future of media. The article shall give you insights on how newsletters are delivering to the audience, their revenue models, the history on how they evolved, whether they can replace the conventional methods of journalism and much more.

While reading Maria Popova’s Sunday Newsletter, I noticed the phrase Munchian Scream, a quick google search and I realized all this while the painting which has been glorified in Memes all over IG is called the Munchian Scream, a composition created by Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch in 1893. Complement it with The Guardian’s article on ‘How The Scream Became The Ultimate Image For Our Political Age’.

3. A manual for becoming a rebel by Sara Sethia by The Alipore Post (Poetry)

I am in awe of The Alipore Post. It has been weaved beautifully with threads of art, poetry and music. In a world of mindless scrolling, Alipore's curated posts offer refreshing perspective that makes you pause and engage. I read this poem recently and yet again I am left in awe.

4. How Bad is Your Spotify by The Pudding (Application)

The Pudding, a digital culture site, has launched an AI bot that specifically judges your bad taste in music. The AI bot not only ruthlessly ridicules you for your miserable music taste, but makes sure that you keep laughing at yourself while it majestically derides us. Even if you consider yourself an elite listener of music, the AI will make sure that it will smash all the 'fine-music-listener-persona' that you've built in your head.

5. A Tour of Tokyo’s Traditional Kissatens by Culture Trip (Article)

I never hesitate to glance at anything which is remotely related to coffee. Did you know despite being known for their matcha and other types of green tea, Japan actually has quite a widespread coffee culture. Read this article to know what Japanese Kissaten Culture is.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section :)

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