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5 Things I Consumed Last Week - Treat Your Soul (Issue - 08)

A weekly outpour of 5 of the things I consume every week. A coalescence of art, podcasts, articles, essays, newsletters, movies, web series and any other form of media you can imagine.

Hola curious fellas! In this information era what we digest is what we reflect. Here's a flux of information you might find interesting.

1. Ocean Vuong : A Life Worthy of Our Breath by On Being with Krista Tippett (Podcast)

We often tell our students, “The future’s in your hands. But I think the future is actually in your mouth."

A podcast about war, immigration, language, poetry and much more. Most stunning is how presciently, exquisitely Ocean speaks to the world we have come to inhabit— its heartbreak, its poetry, and its possibilities of both destroying and saving.

“I want to love more than death can harm. And I want to tell you this often: That despite being so human and so terrified, here, standing on this unfinished staircase to nowhere and everywhere, surrounded by the cold and starless night — we can live. And we will."

2. How and Why to do a Life Audit by Ximena Vengoechea on Medium (Article)

Ever wondered if you are treading on the right path professionally or personally but got lost in the labyrinth of thoughts? Then this is for you!

After working in Audit for 2 years, it is surprising to me how I never thought about Auditing my Life but it’s never too late eh!

Ximena gives a structured outline on how to re-define priorities and architect your life around them. A perfect group activity for a Saturday afternoon to regain clarity in life if you are feeling a little zoned out.

3. What I Do When I Feel Like Giving Up by James Clear (Article)

A lot of people ask me how I am able to plan and execute plans and this article describes everything I’d ever wanted to convey. If you are good at planning but grappling with consistency and execution, then give this a read! An insightful meditation on consistency and showing up for things by the Productivity Guru himself.

Complement it with Oliver Burkeman’s thoughts on planning on The Imperfectionist.

If I have not praised Eric enough, then here I go again. His fortnightly articles act as a reminder for me to do better in life, broad-ranging from productivity to research, facts and science, it is a treat to immerse yourself in a long pithy read on a weekend. Read this article for exactly what the title postulates.

5. How to Be At Home by Andrea Dorfman (Animated Short Film)

I think, as social primates, we want to feel a strong sense of belonging either in a relationship or to a community—or both. But also intrinsic to our humanity is a feeling that we are truly alone.

A whimsical video-poem that combines live action and animation to consider some of solitude’s sweeter aspects. I watched this one while being stuck at home last year and whenever I revisit it, it takes me back to the time when the pandemic began and how everyone was coping to be at peace with themselves and the world. We have a come a long way now but you can still seek solace in this poem by Tanya Davis.

Beautifully illustrated- From a solitary walk in the woods to sitting unaccompanied on a city park bench to eating a meal and even dancing alone, it reveals the possibilities and joys waiting to be discovered when we engage in activities on our own.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section :)

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1 Comment

Archan Pathak
Archan Pathak
Sep 13, 2021

I wait eagerly for your recommendations.. These are like food for my soul..Loved it

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