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5 Things I Consumed Last Week - (Wheels, Guides, Maps) (Issue - 10)

A weekly outpour of 5 of the things I consume every week. A coalescence of art, podcasts, articles, essays, newsletters, movies, web series and any other form of media you can imagine.

Hello nerds! In this information era what we digest is what we reflect. Here's a flux of information you might find interesting.

1. Plutchick’s wheel of Emotion by Dr. Robert Plutchik (Wheel)

Can you guess how many emotions a human can experience? It’s around 34,000. With so many emotions, how can one navigate the turbulent waters of feelings, without getting lost?

The answer: with an emotion wheel.

When emotions are concerned, it can be hard to first identify and verbalize our needs. This is why the tool is so useful. It enables the user to visualize their emotions, and understand which combinations of emotions created this outcome.

2. Relationship Accountability Spectrum by Esther Perel (Guide)

Emotional ambiguity is one of those feelings where you feel lost and helpless but you can’t point out exactly how you feel. Esther Perel is a noted expert on relationships and intimacy. She’s outlined the unhealthy ways in which people avoid conflict when a relationship ends.

How about you? Have you been ghosted, simmered, or iced? Or were you the ghoster, simmerer, or icer?

What’s more important is you start making steps towards acting with kindness and integrity the next time you’re about to end a relationship or dating cycle, however brief it was.

3. Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel by Atlas Coffee Club (Wheel)

Originally published in 1995, the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel—one of the most iconic resources in the coffee industry—has been the industry standard for over two decades. In 2016, this valuable resource was updated in collaboration with World Coffee Research (WCR). This is the largest and most collaborative piece of research on coffee flavor ever completed, inspiring a new set of vocabulary for industry professionals.

4. How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You) by Tim Urban (Guide)

I mean just read it! If you don’t know who Tim Urban is, you genuinely need a break in life to explore his blog. For starters, watch this TED talk .

5. NASDAQ 50th Anniversary by Make Me Pulse (Map)

Interactive websites are such a treat to the eyes! Make Me Pulse is a global interactive production studio who turn aesthetics into experiences. Their distinct style of creating immersive experience rather than churning a basic advertisement is what impressed me to the core. They created a timeline map marking NASDAQ’s notable feats over the last 50 years. Feb’21 marked the 50th anniversary of Nasdaq’s launch in 1971- the introduction of computers to markets, and sharing of quote data more widely, the automation of trading and much more, all delivered in an immersive, informative and interactive format.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section :)

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