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Buddha Bowl = Burn out recipe

If you get too flustered during the week and cannot decide what to cook, then just pour in everything you have in the refrigerator.

#Cook, #roast, #glaze or eat it #raw.

Heyy lazy pandas! Want an easy, nutritous, raw and a good detox to your gut?!

There you go!


Whatever you like but here's what I used.


  • Boil half a cup of quinoa

  • Soak kidney beans overnight and boil them till they get an al dente texture (cooked but to the tooth)

  • Sauté the following vegetables

    • A few florets of cauliflower with onion and capsicum.

    • Add white pepper, a hint of black pepper, salt and dried rosemary and thyme to it.

    • Sauté half a beetroot as well until its soft.

  • For raw veggies I used tomato and cucumber but you are free to experiment.

  • Did not have much greens in the house, hence topped it with some coriander and mint from the kitchen garden.

  • Place them in a bowl, top it with your fav sauce (I used red chili), mix and treat yo'self!

Happy reinventing! :)

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