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The week that went by (Mise en place)

New year, new week, new updates - things I binged (/binging) on

Hello readers :)

To all my friends who do not binge culinary shows

Mise en place is a French culinary phrase which means "putting in place" or "gather". It is often used in professional kitchens to refer to organizing and arranging the ingredients.

This year feels like mise en place to me for a lot of diff. reasons.

How would you describe this year for you in a word?

I started this year with too much enthusiasm (also with watching 'Curb your enthusiasm') which got tempered down in a week (thanks or no thanks to Omicron).

While I quarantine, here are some things that kept me sane.

(This picture is from my monthly 'Maggi day' - I have Maggi once in a month. Share it with me if you have quirky monthly rituals too.)

First things first. THIS IS US is back! Did you watch the first episode?

I have been listening to 'Watch Me' by Grey Reverend on loop now (if you like this genre you should also check this out)

Not undermining 'Death with Dignity' by Sufjan Stevens. Also, not undermining how no other song has broken my heart like 'Visions of Gideon' at the end of Call me by your name.

What was your fav. moment from the episode? I need more friends in life who watch this show.

I have been stifling to find some inspiration to draw/sketch. I did think of a few things but then all of it got jumbled up in my head or in the words of Ben Howard from the song 'Small Things':

Has the world gone mad

Or is it me?

All these small things they gather 'round me

Gather 'round me

Is it all so very bad?

I can't see

So, I ended up reading this miracle of a poem from Edgar Allan Poe

From childhood’s hour I have not been

As others were—I have not seen

As others saw—I could not bring

My passions from a common spring—

From the same source I have not taken

My sorrow—I could not awaken My heart to joy at the same tone—

And all I lov’d—I lov’d alone—

Moving to more things that please the soul, do you know Yung Pueblo has a newsletter?

For those of you who don't know who doesn't follow him on Instagram - Yung Pueblo is the pen name of Diego Perez who is a meditator, writer, and speaker. His work focuses on the reality of self-healing, the movement from self-love to unconditional love, and the wisdom that comes when we truly work on knowing ourselves.

His newsletter has this enriching section on Journal Prompts. If you are struggling to journal these days, these prompts might help.

If you are a stan of psychedelic rock meaning you are a fan of Alt-J meaning you also put reminders on You Tube before their song release meaning there is a shimmering chance that we can be friends, check out their new song Hard Drive Gold.

Or else if you/your friends are quarantining, send them this.

Also, if running/working out consistently is one of your resolutions this year, you should maybe add this song to your 'Workout like a badass' playlist.

I did not update my 'Books to read in 2022' list this year. So, after reading first chapters of more than 5 books and fiddling with a book slump, I laid my hands on this extremely warm, ooo--ooo-oozing with love, kindness and artsy book. It certainly feels like a lullaby.

Followed it up with another graphic poetry by Noor Unnahar called 'Yesterday I was the Moon'

Do you have any feel-good/graphic novels/poetry to recommend?

If you feel like watching something cozy snuggled in your blanket, I have been binging on Choki's channel.

With all the right aesthetics, autumn color scheme, indulgent cooking and calmness and her cute cat and outfits. She had me at the tea-pot.

Ending this life/content exploration update with this pressing prose and the Bruschetta I made lately.

'To Be Famous' by Boris Pasternak

Creation calls for self-surrender,

Not loud noise and cheap success.

Life must be lived without false face,

Lived so that in the final count

We draw unto ourselves love from space.

So plunge yourself into obscurity

And conceal there your tracks.

But be alive, alive your full share,

Alive until the end.

(Credits to 'The Alipore Post' newsletter for the prose)

If you been struggling through tough times, I hope this post gives you warmth.

Nothing feels more rewarding than texts/replies from all of you about how you perceive the content I share. If you have any ideas, recommendations, reviews feel free to reach out.

Have a great start to this year!

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Ishita Sharma
Ishita Sharma
Jan 07, 2022

Please do watch Schitts' Creek. It's full of love and warmth.

Also, love your content. Keep sharing and Sufjan stevens is love ❤

Bhumika Sankhla
Bhumika Sankhla
Jan 07, 2022
Replying to

Oh I absolutely loved Schitts' Creek. Gaga about David's B&W wardrobe, I send Alexis memes to everyone (Ew, David!)

Thank you so much for responding. It almost feels robotic sometimes just putting out content out there without getting any reciprocation.

Sufjan has my heart

'How much sorrow can I take?

Blackbird on my shoulder

And what difference does it make

When this love is over?'

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