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Watch these if you're a Nat Geo Junkie

Are you a documentary nerd? Do you enjoy watching Nat Geo? Care watching an Oscar nominated documentary? Check this out.

What's up nerds?! I was reading Saturday edition of the Live Mint one day and saw some documentary nominations to Oscars and immediately turned on Netflix. What I saw made me sob like a child. You should try it too!

My Octopus Teacher

This one shows a lonely, burned-out filmmaker developing a healing, intimate relationship with a wild octopus who embraces his bare fingers, face, and chest with her tentacles. It's intimate, heart-wrenching interspersed with exquisite visual storytelling.

If you are bored of staying at the same place in the lockdown and need an escape virtually, watch Craig Foster take his daily dive in the kelp beds off the coast of Cape Town into a gorgeous sea world as exotic as Pandora and commune with sea creatures, feel better about yourself, and cry salty tears.


I used to be a big fan of Japan and it's culture but this documentary made me re-assess my opinion. It highlights some valid and important concerns about the fishing industry.

It draws attention to how important marine life (as in, the animals, plants and everything in between) is. It also exposes the sham of Organic Fishing.

It combines rare footage, past media coverage and interviews with experts, activists and more to paint what is likely the most comprehensive look at the many problems facing our oceans today.

From whaling to overfishing to the use of slave labor to meet demands, the film does not shy away from the harsh and often brutal realities of the process that delivers seafood to the plates of consumers across the globe.

Dancing with the Birds

Recently, I met someone who introduced me to 'Birds of Paradise' and since then I have been researching like a maniac cause they are too beautiful to not do so. I stumbled upon this documentary and enjoyed every minute of it.

DANCING WITH THE BIRDS offers a stunning, light-hearted look at the mating habits of colorful male jungle birds in New Guinea and other remote hotbeds of wildlife. Narrator Stephen Fry observes as the Black Sickle Bill and the MacGregor's Bowerbirds almost comically go through their motions. The tone is upbeat and appreciative, and even a little mocking.

You'll be enchanted by how extravagant their dance moves are.

It lets us relate to the birds and their strange, idiosyncratic behaviors as they face an existential challenge: In a cacophonous forest with sometimes hundreds of other flashy bird species, how do they find the one—or, for that matter, anyone?

So, if you are Netflix(ing) and Chill maybe try these out?!

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