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My top 10 subscriptions/purchases of 2021

Not trying to push you more towards consumerism (or maybe I am *winks*) but there's a price we pay for convenience right?!

Surprise Surprise! You weren't expecting me to be back after my last post is it?

Dayumm Maybe I am an addict blogger now?! (but that would be for good, right? (give me some validation!)) (BTW the last two brackets reminded me of all the algebraic equations we used to solve in high school and I kinda miss it ( don't diss me if I like Mathematics), if it reminded you of the same, I think we can be friends)

Okay, before I get onto my rambling, I had a delightful time - lots of journaling and deep thinking. I was planning to do this post since a long time and something tells me this might actually help people (and with all the sales around the corner :P) I mean why not?!

So, here I am!

Here's a list of top 10 subscriptions and purchases I made this year that made my life sooooo much easier. I will try to keep it short and not behave like a sales agent (anyway I am not getting any commission to do this, so this is real recommendation meat) Let's roll!

1. Headspace (Meditation App) (Cost - INR 900 approx. annually)

I began meditating in 2019 and since then Andy (Founder of Headspace) has been my constant partner (besides my real partner in life of course but not gonna lie, it is Andy who puts me to sleep haha)

Why I love headspace is because of the diversity of content, Andy's soothing voice and all the sleepcasts. For those who don't buy meditation as a concept, trust me I have been there but once you get into the habit, you'll realize the benefits of it. There are also other apps like Calm etc. which you can try as a beginner.

I try to meditate every morning for 10-15 min and before sleeping as well. It has helped me become more grounded and get more clarity in life.

2. Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II (Noise Cancelling Headphones) (Cost : INR 30,000 approx./ INR 20,000 on discount)

If you used to think puberty hits you like a wrecking ball (If you don't get Miley Cyrus reference, go back to 2013) and alters your life, you were wrong. It is for these headphones!

Noise Cancelling headphones are revolutionary. Advertisers quote 20 hrs as it's life but you can easily use for 10-12 hrs as per my experience without having to charge again.

If you are someone who adores listening to music or podcasts, you need to upgrade to this beauty but don't spend extra ( it's already too expensive) buy them during a sale.

I have spent innumerable number of hours using these headphones and I literally can't travel without them now.

I know 30,000 is a lot of money but play smart in this case and buy it during Diwali Sale and you'll easily get it for 18,000-20,000 bucks.

3. The Ken (Business Journalism Newsletter + Articles) (Cost : INR 5,000 approx. annually/ INR2,500 after student discount)

I have been reading The Ken’s articles and newsletters since the beginning of this year and it has shaped me gradually into a person well conversant with most of the renowned brands and businesses in India.

They have revamped their services and the subscription now includes the following newsletters and a daily article:

1. Ka-Ching (On Monday) : Opinions on India’s Fintech and Personal Finance

2. Trade Tricks (On Tuesday) : Biggest shifts in Indian e-commerce and retail industry

3. Green Margins (On Wednesday) : Climate change's impact on India's business, tech, finance & politics

4. Tokenised (On Wednesday) : Crypto developments that flow through India and Southeast Asia

5. Ed-Set Go (On Thursday) : Biggest shifts in India’s education market

6. Inciting Incident (On Friday) : Deconstruction of dominant narratives behind success or failures of businesses, leaders and government

7. Moneyball (On Friday) : Elucidating the business of sports in India

8. The Nutgraf (On Saturday): A weekend newsletter that connects and synthesizes the dots across business, technology and finance each week in India

9. Besides the daily newsletters they deliver a daily article as well majorly on business and finance

They have also launched a tab called ‘Visual Stories’ where they present intuitive infographics.

If you are a student, a professional or anyone who is remotely interested in business you should definitely subscribe to them. If you are a student you get a 50% discount as well.

4. Spotify (Music App Subscription) (Cost : INR 120 monthly)

If you are a music junkie like me you might already be using Spotify or some other music app. I absolutely adore Spotify's interface and the ability to meander through music and podcasts from all around the world.

Time to show off my Spotify Wrapped 2021 *hair flips*

5. The Alipore Post (Newsletter (For free) + Archive) (Cost : INR 3,000 annually)

I made a resolution this year to read more poetry and The Alipore Post was not only a gem of a find but a quarry of gems instead. To everyone who puts poetry & art on a pedestal before anything else this gold mine is for you.

Alipore's weekly newsletter is free and you can subscribe it here. The website is free to explore as well but if you want extra gooo-ee-ness subscribe to their archive.

Rohini was extremely kind to send us cute postcards and a heart-warming note. Simple pleasures of life, tell me what else do you live for?

Besides this I read so manyyyy other newsletters this year. You can stalk me for my recommendations cause I am too lazy to list my recommendations *puppy eyes*

6. Self Exploration Journal by Pranita Kochrekar (Art Journal) (Cost : Rs 650)

Journaling helps you in a myriad of ways - pouring down your thoughts, get some clarity, find strength, embrace your emotions etc.

Journals are more useful when you have prompt questions to answer whenever you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed or angry and that's exactly what his journal is all about.

These journal prompts will help you identify, accept and understand various emotions.

I got this as a gift and it's super cute and handy.

7. Apple AirPods Pro (Noise Cancelling Earbuds) (Cost : Rs 20,000 approx.)

This is more than a convenience thing I reckon, on a scale of necessity to splurging, it tilts more towards the splurging side but if you an iPhone why not become an Apple slut?

I was very skeptical in the beginning about using them but now I can't stop. They get connected to your phone as soon as you bring them closer to it. Extremely good noise-cancelling for earbuds. Fast charging and decent battery life.

Alsoooo, Siri reads your texts for you if you are working and don't want to unlock your phone. How cool is it?! A boon for runners and for deep workers.

8. Daily Planner by Inkbucket (2021 Planner) (Cost : Rs 2,000 approx.)

If you are a psycho like me about maintaining monthly/annual goals, tracking your habits and noting down daily to-do's. This planner does it all for you except you will have to fill it :p

With a floral touch, good quality papers, stickers and free goodies if you register early Inkbucket is a total steal.

This is gonna be the third year I bought the same planner and I have spent an amazing time with this planner.

9. Aero Press Coffee Maker (Coffee Brewing Equipment) (Cost : Rs 3,900 approx.)

I am a coffee enthusiast and experimenting with different brewing equipment, attending brewing classes, reading more about it, trying to decipher flavours, roasts and beans is what I am working on since the past few years.

After trying French Press, Pour Over Kit and Filter Coffee Machine I had to try Aero Press.

Aero Press seems to be the optimum deal between the continuum of ease of use and flavour profile.

Because it creates a vacuum when you brew it, the flavour is more refined and strong than Pour Over giving it all the darker notes and you can literally carry this kit anywhere.

Blue Tokai is one of my favourite coffee joints, so if you really like my blog please treat me to coffee!

10. Assorted Green Tea Boxes (Green tea bags) (Cost : Rs 300-400 approx.)

I experimented with a lot of green tea brands this year. After living most part of my life surviving on Organic India, I wanted to try some new brands.

Amara Herbs was one such jewel. It has herb teas to for sleep, wellness, metabolism etc. with some mixes as well.

If I start listing down my beverage and food brand recommendation list then it'd be a really long post. Hence, I should stop now. If you are a Green tea aficionado, you may text me later.

Wow this was quite a spread! I know you might know some of the brands, some of the things are pure luxury and privilege and some must be a reveal. In any which case, if you use any of the products/services tell me how it changed your life :)

Take care and Happy Holidays!

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