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On a break

Wake me up when June ends (Geddit?)

Dearest readers,

I created my website last year after dragging it for more than six months. Thanks to the reflection time solo trips give you. (Riding amongst snow-capped mountains is a real intellectual turn on)

For someone who is not a tech geek and has never designed a website cum blog platform, it could be a sisyphean task to understand and curate such things. NGL it was stressful and frustrating to check if every line, spacing and formatting is in order.

I spent over a week on it and thanks to You Tube guides (and a lot of research), my website was ready - The Hummingbird as you know it.

Why Hummingbird?

It's because I associate myself to the muse of a hummingbird - always flitting from one place to another finding root in the next opportunity.

It has been almost a year now, more than 60+ posts on the blog, counselling over 25+ students, a weekly newsletter, 15000+ site sessions, 8000+ unique visitors from 113+ countries encompassing content spanning across finance, economy, art, music, philosophy ,books, podcasts, blog recommendations and much more.

It's easy to put things into figures in hindsight but behind the scenes is a lot of struggle, anxiety and sleepless nights.

Waking up early, finding minutes to read in the lift, while walking to catch a bus, managing work and writing and coming up with new ideas every week. It wasn't easy.

I am extremely fortunate to connect with like minded readers over this year who have time and again shared new resources with me. Deeply thankful to all the readers who kept me going, constantly checking on me, giving me feedback and expressing their views. It fills me with gratitude towards people who connected with me on one-on-one counselling sessions. Thanks for considering my advice worthy enough and I hope I could make a difference.

This is an appreciation post for all the readers who checked in over the past couple of days when they realized I haven't posted in a while.

I apologize for not sending an update earlier but blame life who keeps us busy all the time. I am taking my time off to focus on other things for a while.

I will be back in June with much more enriching content and a few other surprises. I hope you can hold on till then :)

But But But

Not to go MIA, I keep sharing links to immersive reads, podcasts and much more on my Instagram account. So, if you feel like engaging, feel free to connect.

To growing and learning together,

Until next time,

Happy summers (if you are in India)!

Happy reading (wherever you are)!

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1 commentaire

Archan Pathak
Archan Pathak
11 avr. 2022

Hey, Gonna miss these blogs a hell lot.You can say yours was one of my first newsletter subscription and since then I haven't looked back(15 unread newsletters pending in my inbox, Ahem ahem). So thank you for all these amazing recommendations, making me anxious about finishing all the weekly newsletters(jk) & all the best for whatever you are doing!!

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