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This Artist Will Blow Your Mind

Do you listen to Ben Howard? I had a chilling experience when I dipped my ears back into the album 'I Forget Where We Were'. Read to find out.

Heya amigos! If you are someone who digs soft rock then you should definitely listen to Benny.

We're alone
Just like you said
Cold, cold world

Scattered throughout the album are these little slices of holy shit that pull your wandering attention back in, almost forcing you to start the songs over to make sure you haven't missed anything else.

The crashing together of two guitars at 3:30 in the title track, it almost pulls at your chest while pushing against your chin.

At 2:00 in the track 'She Treats Me Well', I want to hug myself. It is so damn perfect.

I was stupefied when I found out 'Conrad' is from a book by Joseph Conrad and the short tale is extremely intriguing. His voice is so pained, it is somehow heartwarming.

He takes the idea of being alone and makes it feel completely welcome. I felt it necessary to force you to feel what I felt. Here's the link to the album:

Besides this album, one of my favorite songs from Ben has to be 'Nica Libres At Dusk'. You should definitely read about the meaning of the lyrics:


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