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Easy Bruschetta

Being a breakfast enthusiast, I fancy making toasts considering the prep time is less and also taking into account that I am almost always late for work. Try my own version of bruschetta.

Hey lazy cooks! I love recipes which offer you the liberty to experiment with ingredients while still holding on to the basics.

Are you also almost always late for work but need something nutritious to eat? Then here's something to your rescue.


Toast some multi grain bread, rub garlic cloves on them when they are hot (trust me the infusion of flavor is more than what it sounds).

Top it with some cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves (if you wish you may add a spoon of balsamic vinegar). I added charred baby corn for some crunch.

If you savor cheese then grate some Parmigiano-Reggiano (not mozzarella please) on top. At last, a drizzle of olive oil for the extra richness.

The fresh flavor of cherry tomatoes and the subtle yet aromatic taste of basil leaves goes really well with cinnamon coffee. This is a hand beaten coffee using honey and hot water.

Sprinkle a tea spoon of cinnamon on top and half a tea spoon while beating the coffee. Please don't butcher the taste with sugar. Cinnamon has sweetness of its own.

It's weird but I glazed the toast with mint mayonnaise, you may choose to avoid it though. (or you may use it if you also use cinnamon and mint as drugs).

Give it a shot if you fancy rustic #italian. Give it a twist if you want to have a #desi version.

Happy cooking!

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