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First ever Hummingbird Merch is live

'tis the season to share your stories with your loved ones - the archaic way

Hello Nello!

Very excited to share the launch of THE FIRST EVER Hummingbird Merch. It had to be a postcard to begin with and no better time than to launch it close to Christmas and New Year's.

When I look back, 2022 almost seems like a flash but when I scroll through the pictures on my phone, I am filled with nostalgia. When these memories are shared in the form of handwritten text, it makes them more special. I have followed a tradition to send New Year's postcard to my loved ones and now it's time to expand the network further.

Here's how it works:

You share a message to be written on the postcard, we will handwrite and deliver it for you on this postcard.

If you are a postcard souvenir collector like me, you can skip typing the message and just order it for yourself. Also works the same, in case you want to handwrite and post them on your own.

Product Info:

Product Dimension : 4" X 6" inch

Product Material : 300 GSM Ivory Paper

Packaging : Brown envelope, sealed with a wax stamp

Price : ₹249 (for the early Hummingbird offer)

The offer ends on December 28, 2022 after which the price would be ₹349. Bookings are open till January 8, 2022.

Shipping Info:

Orders are shipped within 3 days of receipt and delivery usually takes 5-6 days.

Order Instructions:

If you are ordering it for someone else, mention both sender name and recipient details along with a message.

If you are ordering for more than one person, you will have to order them separately with individual messages.

If you are ordering for yourself, mention only recipient details. Unless you want to write a message for yourself, skip that section.

If you have any other queries, drop a comment or else reach to me on

Instead of treating your loved ones to expensive coffee, maybe surprise them with a postcard this year.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you on the other side :)


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